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A tipper truck is a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) with a tipping body at the rear. Controlled by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, the cargo box of a tipper truck can be moved or tilted at an angle to propel itself or horizontally to unload cargo.  Often referred to as dump trucks, tippers truck or truck with tipper, tipper trucks are used to help the construction community complete projects quickly, and efficiently. The job of a tipper truck is to efficiently lift and transport bulk construction materials such as asphalt, construction aggregates, dirt, grains, gravel, sand, snow, and wood chips around a job site. 

According to application scenarios they can be classified as, mine tipper, sand tipper, coal tipper, soil tipper, iron ore dumper

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KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale


Tipper Truck for Sale in KNOWHOW

At KNOWHOW, our website lists brand new tipper trucks, including 6x4 tipper trucks, electric tipper trucks, customized bucket tipper trucks, 60ton heavy duty tipper trucks/70ton heavy duty tipper trucks for sale according to your needs; we are the leading tipper truck manufacturer in China. You can always count on us to provide you with safe and efficient tipper truck chan, sturdy quality, and affordable tipper trucks that are guaranteed to deliver great value for money. Whatever off-road application scenario you are looking for in a tipper truck, KNOWHOW can help.

KNOWHOW is a manufacturer of a wide range of tipper trucks to suit your needs. We will help you easily find the best dump truck for your specifications and requirements because we know that providing our customers with a quality product is the only way we can earn their trust. When we earn the trust of our customers, they can always refer other potential customers to us, which is what we have learned from our many years of experience in manufacturing and selling tipper trucks, and we can also help you to start your own tipper truck business by assisting you with the supply of trucks and training of personnel, etc.

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

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 tipper truck /tippers truck/truck with tipper/tipper truck for sale

6X4 Dump Truck

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

The cargo box of dump truck is controlled by hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can be unloaded or tilted at a certain angle so as to unload by itself or horizontally propelled. It is mainly used for transporting bulk loose materials (such as sand, soil, minerals, etc.) or composite materials, and is mainly used in mines and construction sites. It can be divided into special tipper, common tricycle and mining tricycle.

60ton tipper truck

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

Tipper trucks, commonly known as dump trucks, are essential vehicles for various industries such as construction and mining.60 tonne tipper trucks are heavy-duty vehicles designed to efficiently transport and unload large quantities of materials. These trucks are characterised by their robust construction and high load capacity, making them suitable for large projects.

70ton tipper truck

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

70 tonne tipper trucks are important vehicles in the heavy haulage sector. Also known as tipper trucks, these trucks are specially designed for transporting large quantities of materials such as sand, gravel and demolition waste. The category contains a wide range of trucks designed to meet specific industry requirements and ensure efficient transport of bulk materials over varying distances and terrains.

electric tipper truck

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

Electric tipper trucks are used to transport waste such as sand, gravel, construction demolition waste and coal. Electric tipper trucks come with an open bed, which is articulated at the rear and has a hydraulic strut that lifts the front of the bed so that the material in the bed can be stacked on the ground. At KNOWHOW you will find the best range of electric tippers at incredible prices. There are several types of electric tippers available for any application you can think of. All these sturdy electric tippers are made from steel, iron, aluminium and other quality materials to ensure performance and durability. These durable electric tippers are fast and efficient, saving time on high volume shipments.

Tipper Truck Dimensions

ItemNKE105D5 ParameterNKE105D4 ParameterNKE90C ParameterNKE90H Parameter
Product Specs564 kW charging/replacing Mode422 kW charging/replacing Mode350 kW charging/replacing Mode422 kW charging/replacing Mode
Best Working conditionUphillDownhillDownhillDownhill
Rated Power( kW )2×️225/2×3002×225/2×3002x225/2x3002x225/2x300
Rated TorqueRated Torque( N.m ) 2×460/2×7002×460/2×7002x460/2x7002x460/2x700
Drive model6×46×46×46×4
Gears7+ 17+1


Battery modelLink DataCATL / Link Data

Battery TypeLFPLFP

Buggy Capacity (m3)42 ( standard loading ) 45 ( Pile loading ) 42 ( standard loading )45 ( Pile loading )33( standard loading )36 ( Pile loading ) 33( standard loading )36 ( Pile loading ) 
TyreRadial TyreRadial TyreRadial TyreRadial Tyre
Max.Speed( km/h )42424343
Min.Turning Radius( m )121211.511.5
Front Suspensionhydro-pneumatic springhydro-pneumatic spring

Rear SuspensionBalance shaft suspensionBalance shaft suspension

Gross Weight ( kg )1050001050009000090000
Tare Weight(kg )38000380003400034000
Axle Capacity Front / Mid / Rear ( t)25+40+4025+40+4020+35+3520+35+35


mine tipper

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

Compared to 50-tonne tipper trucks, 70-tonne capacity tipper trucks can be transported over distances of 20-80 kilometers at a potentially lower cost per tonne. KNOWHOW has successfully rolled out tipper trucks to many mines and construction sites around the world. KNOWHOW Mining Trucks offers various types of tipper trucks. To increase productivity, tipper trucks are available in capacities of 60 tonnes/ 70 tonnes/ 105 tonnes.

45m3 mine tipper

Up to 75 tonnes

consumption 422 kW

sand tipper

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

As far as utility and necessity are concerned, sand tipper trucks for sale are among the most useful trucks in the industry. Government organizations and some private companies manage their own tippers for regular use, which are purchased on a wholesale basis. The most commonly used types of tippers are mining tippers and dump trucks. They are known for their versatility and ease of use.
coal tipper

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

Our coal transport tippers are designed to reduce your transport costs while ensuring maximum efficiency. Designed for stability and productivity, these tippers feature an optimized design for high loads and low maintenance.


soil tipper

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

Tipper trucks, also known as dump trucks or dump lorries, are essential vehicles for the construction and waste management industries. These heavy-duty trucks are designed for transporting loose materials such as construction soil, gravel and sand as well as waste disposal. With powerful hydraulic arms and a dump body, they can efficiently unload materials at the point of delivery.

KNOWHOW EV Tipper Truck 

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck for Sale

KNOWHOW EV Tipper Truck is China's leading intelligent electric tipper truck designed for off-road mining applications. The electric trucks ensure a clean environment, high performance, safe and comfortable ride. The new electric trucks have fewer mechanical parts, which means lower maintenance costs compared to conventional trucks.

FAQ about Tipper

What is a Tipper?

Tippers are regular trucks that are outfitted with an oblique body utilized for building and framework material managing objectives. Tippers are specifically made to operate in a challenging and difficult cycle, with effective engines, higher grade ability, and rugged, tough-built high quality with durability at the heart of any kind of tipper.

How tipper trucks work

Dump trucks usually carry bulk materials such as sand, gravel, grain and even potatoes. They are usually loaded from an overhead hopper. At the destination, the rear of the truck is turned over to unload the cargo. The body of the truck turns at the rear. At the front, hydraulic struts extend to raise the front of the body. The hydraulic struts work with pressurized oil pumped through the main engine or a separate diesel engine.

Tipper Truck Design and Construction

Dump and tipper trucks have various designs and constructions to match their transporting requirements. Dump trucks normally have a shorter wheelbase and a higher ground clearance than tipper trucks. This layout permits them to navigate uneven surface and harsh roadways, making them perfect for off-road applications. On the other hand, Tipper trucks have a longer wheelbase and reduced ground clearance, offering greater security and weight distribution for hefty loads. Here are some essential differences to bear in mind when selecting in between both:

Wheelbase: Dump trucks commonly have a much shorter wheelbase and greater ground clearance, while tipper trucks have longer and reduced ground clearance. This makes dump trucks more versatile for off-road applications, while tipper trucks provide higher security and weight circulation for long-distance carrying.
Hydraulic bed: Dump trucks have a hydraulic bed that can be increased to dump the tons, while tipper trucks have a hydraulic system that tilts the entire freight bed. Dump trucks are excellent for unloading loosened products rapidly, while tipper trucks are best suited for unloading bulk goods.
Carrying capacity: Dump trucks normally have a bigger carrying capacity than tipper trucks, making them ideal for a broader variety of products. Tipper trucks are designed to carry bulk goods, such as aggregates, construction materials, and waste.
Versatile: Dump trucks are more versatile in terms of the types of materials they can haul, while tipper trucks are best suited for specific applications, such as construction and waste management.
Off-road applications: Dump trucks are often used for off-road applications, while tipper trucks transport heavy loads over long distances.

Dump Truck Vs. Tipper Truck

Dump trucks and tipper trucks are both commonly used for hauling heavy lots. Dump trucks are designed to transport a wide variety of products, from loose dirt and sand to rocks and gravel. They are normally outfitted with a hydraulically powered bed that can be raised to dump the tons at the desired location.

Dump and tipper trucks are 2 of the most preferred alternatives when hauling and transferring hefty lots. Both are developed to deal with different sorts of products and serve other functions, making it crucial for individuals and businesses to comprehend the distinctions before buying or renting out a choice.

Dump trucks are versatile and can handle numerous products, while tipper trucks are created for mass goods like accumulations and waste. The best option relies on the specific carrying requirements of the individual or organization.

Dump and tipper trucks are comparable in several ways, however they have unique features that set them apart. Dump trucks are recognized for their capability to carry various materials, from loosened dirt and crushed rock to sand and rocks. On the other hand, tipper trucks are designed especially for delivering bulk products, such as aggregates, building and construction products, and waste. In this write-up, we will certainly delve much deeper right into the distinctions between dump trucks and tipper trucks and assist you figure out which is finest suited to your needs.

On the other hand, Tipper trucks are particularly made for delivering bulk products such as aggregates, construction products, and waste. They feature a hydraulic system that tilts the whole freight bed, triggering the lots to move out the back. This style is specifically useful for unloading hefty lots quickly and effectively.

While dump and tipper trucks serve comparable purposes, they differ in style, transporting capacity, and applications.

Tipper Truck Hauling Capacity and Efficiency

The hauling capacity and effectiveness of dump trucks and tipper trucks are important variables to think about when determining which vehicle is finest fit for your requirements. Both trucks have different capabilities and effectiveness degrees based on their styles and features.

Dump trucks normally have a larger carrying capacity than tipper trucks. They can bring many products, from loosened dust and gravel to sand and rocks. The hydraulic bed on a dump truck can be elevated to dump the load swiftly and successfully, making it ideal for applications that require regular discharging. However, dump trucks may not be the most efficient choice for transporting bulk items over long distances.

On the other hand, tipper trucks are specifically created for carrying bulk items such as accumulations, building products, and waste. They generally have a smaller carrying capacity than dump trucks however offer greater security and weight circulation for hefty loads. The hydraulic system on a tipper truck can turn the whole freight bed, enabling fast and efficient discharging. This makes them perfect for applications that call for frequent disposing, such as construction sites and waste administration facilities.

When it comes to hauling capacity and efficiency, picking in between a dump truck and a tipper truck inevitably depends upon your needs. A dump truck might be the very best option if delivering various products requires constant dumping. A tipper truck might be far better if you deliver bulk goods over long distances and call for quick and reliable discharging.

Where Tippers are made use of?

Tippers discover applications across a vast array of areas consisting of building and construction and facilities projects, road building and construction, coal, iron ore, port, watering, limestone, rock, blue steel, river sand, earthwork, stone marble, blocks, and so on.

Unlike a normal freight truck that covers a far away, the tipper runs in limited locations. So, the feature of a tipper is not to go a cross country but be highly productive at an offered operating cycle.

Tipper Truck Cost and Maintenance Factors

Cost and upkeep aspects are necessary when making a decision in between a dump truck and a tipper truck. Dump trucks have a higher in advance cost and need more upkeep as a result of their bigger size and complex hydraulic systems. Tipper trucks, on the other hand, have a lower ahead of time cost and call for less maintenance however have a smaller carrying capacity and are much less versatile.

Dump trucks have a greater upfront cost than tipper trucks. They have a larger dimension and even more intricate hydraulic systems.
Dump trucks require normal upkeep on their hydraulic systems, which can be costly over time. Maintenance needs might consist of replacing hydraulic liquids, pipes, and filters, to name a few points.
Tipper trucks have a lower in advance cost than dump trucks. They require much less upkeep and are created for specific hauling needs, such as building and waste administration.
Tipper trucks are much more fuel-efficient than dump trucks. This can save costs on gas in time.
Tipper trucks have a smaller sized carrying capacity and may not be as versatile as dump trucks. They are better matched for specific hauling needs instead of a wide range of products.
When selecting in between a dump truck and a tipper truck, it's critical to consider the cost and maintenance requirements of each. Dump trucks may have a greater upfront cost and need more upkeep, but they likewise have a larger carrying capacity and are more versatile. Tipper trucks have a reduced upfront cost and require less upkeep however have a smaller carrying capacity and are less versatile.

Selecting the Right Truck for Your Needs

Choosing the ideal truck for your requirements is an important decision that relies on various aspects, consisting of surface, ecological conditions, hauling capacity, effectiveness, cost, maintenance, and applications. Here are some necessary pointers to help you make the right choice between a dump truck and a tipper truck:

Take into consideration the surface and environmental conditions of your hauling job-- A dump truck may be the much better alternative to deliver products off-road. A tipper truck may be a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly if you need to transfer products over long distances on freeways.
Assess each truck's hauling capacity and performance-- A dump truck may be the most effective alternative if you transfer numerous products and call for regular unloading. A tipper truck may be much better if you transport bulk goods over fars away and call for quick and effective discharging.
Examine each truck's cost and maintenance demands-- Dump trucks have a higher ahead of time cost and call for even more maintenance, while tipper trucks have a lower upfront cost and need less maintenance. Consider your details hauling requirements and spending plan when making your choice.

Who is the largest manufacturers of Tipper Trucks Market worldwide?

The Benefits Of Using Tipper Trucks

Size: It is important to calculate and consider the total volume and weight of any material you want to transport by truck. For example, if you are transporting rocks or removing waste, the total weight will be high even if the mass is not that great. On the flip side, when the truck is loaded, the mass will be large and therefore the weight will be very high. Tipper trucks are available in different sizes, so you will be able to find one that suits your purpose!

Capability: The advantage of tipper trucks over other trucks is that unloading does not require manual assistance. The hydraulic tilting system will tilt the truck directly into or out of the desired position. This provides greater precision than other types of trucks and makes the project logistically easier.

Cost: Once you have a tipper truck, you can reduce the cost of the labor required to unload your goods at your destination, whether it's aggregate, rock or something else you've been carrying. You'll also significantly reduce the time spent unloading and the time spent traveling (i.e. making more journeys to move large volumes of goods). All of this makes tipper trucks a cost-effective option.

Tipper truck cost & price

Tipper Prices Vary by Type: Single-axle tippers cost $60,000, while triple-axle tippers cost more than $200,000. In addition, size, features, capacity, and brand also affect the price. Customers are usually willing to pay around $5,000 per year for further maintenance. Compare small tipper prices, mining tipper prices, 6-wheeler tipper prices, and hydraulic tipper prices and you will have an idea of the average cost of a tipper. Faced with the cost of tipper truck rental, customers are willing to buy a new tipper truck at the ideal tipper truck price.

Price Range of Tipper India?

Provided the extensive variety of tippers that get on sale, the price of tippers ranges from less than 15 lakh and goes up to 55-lakh relying on the tonnage. There are tippers from value to costs classifications, and some of them are unique applications used for specific demands.

Popular Tippers in India?

Tippers are a classification that covers substantial tonnages, beginning with 6-7-tonne GVW to 55-tonne GVWs. Tippers make up a significant classification in India's total truck market, and need for tippers across different tonnages drives a high volume of sales for all the leading truck brand names.

How to drive a tipper truck and operate truck tipper in a safe way

Taking shortcuts and not following established safe operating procedures can have serious consequences when tipping a tipper semitrailer. Every operator of such equipment should bear in mind the following advice to minimise the risks and ensure the safety of the operator and other personnel, and it can also prevent serious damage and injuries. 

Following some simple rules of proper use starts with the loading operation: The trailer should not be loaded if it is disconnected from the tractor; otherwise the trailer may overturn. The load should be evenly distributed in the tipper body also to reduce the risk or the semitrailer overturning while driving or subsequent unloading. 

Before starting the unloading, the semitrailer and the tractor should be placed on firm, level ground and both vehicles should be aligned. It is unacceptable to unload while the semitrailer is positioned at an angle to the tractor. Before starting to tip it must be checked if when fully lifted it will be well clear of other objects, e.g., overhead power lines, trees, etc. Before lifting the body, the semitrailer pneumatic suspension should also be lowered. 

The unloading should be performed in a continuous and fluent manner, without unnecessary increase in the engine RPM. It must be checked if material sliding off the tipper floor is not blocked at the end of the tipper body as this might lead to the overturning of the vehicle. If the load becomes blocked while the body is lifted, it is forbidden to jerk the tipper body or drive in the lifted position. Such practices can very often cause serious accidents. It should be strongly emphasised that the cylinder is designed to lift and lower the tipper body and is therefore not contributing to the vehicle’s stability. During the tipper operation a cylinder should not be subjected to the effect of lateral forces. 

It is prohibited, for safety reasons, to go under a lifted, unsupported tipper body. 

A tipping cylinder should not remain extended for longer than 30 minutes. After unloading the trailer, the cylinder should be lowered to the very end and after one minute the tipping control lever should be shifted to the neutral position. Care for the proper condition of the hydraulic system will guarantee a long, trouble-free operation of the tipper system. It is not recommended to allow unauthorised personnel to work on the hydraulic system, especially any adjustments to the pressure settings. Every cylinder should be operated with the correct pressure which does not exceed the maximum allowed working pressure determined by the manufacturer. This value is specified on the type plate of every Hyva cylinder. It is also essential to check regularly the oil level in the hydraulic system, the oil tank should contain enough oil to allow maximum extension of the cylinder. The type of oil should be properly selected for the intended use and climate. The oil should be changed once a year. Daily inspection should include checking the condition of the hydraulic hose connecting the cylinder with the hydraulic system, verifying the correct connection of quick-release couplings, the condition of brackets fixing the cylinder, lubricating the pivot points and tightening the bolts fixing the brackets.

Start Tipper Truck Business Now

Choose KNOWHOW Tipper Truck

KNOWHOW team in the research and development process in the tipper truck stability, economy, safety and other skills after a number of on-site testing successfully off the line a variety of new energy products.KNOWHOW new energy mining tipper trucks are suitable for heavy-duty downhill, and heavy-duty uphill scenarios.

Green and environmental protection: zero emission, no pollution, low energy consumption, greener and more environmentally friendly

Economy and energy saving: vehicle power output and energy feedback, intelligent control, L/tonne kilometer energy consumption reduced by 20%

Safe and secure: self-developed vehicle control strategy to achieve multiple interlocks, safer driving

Efficient and powerful: integrated design of charging and switching, charging for 1 hour, switching for 5 minutes.

Stable and Reliable: Enhanced design of the whole machine, overload capacity increased by 20%, the average trouble-free time is 50% higher than the industry competitors.

Founded in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province in 1998, KNOW-HOW Group is a leading manufacturer and service provider of mining equipment in China. It consists of well-known enterprises such as KNOW-HOW Technology, KNOW-HOW Electromechanical and KNOW-HOW Construction. There are three R&D centers respectively built in Tianjin, Shenyang and Changzhou. More than 85% of its employees have a college degree or above, and more than 65% get professional qualification certificates.

The act of mining itself generally refers to the extraction of precious metals and minerals from the ground. To achieve all of this, mining operations require a range of different mining machinery and equipment, and it is important for mine owners to have efficient mining machinery and equipment that can directly help increase production and operations. Know-How designs a variety of machine types and models for the mining industry, including Dump Trucks, Electric Wheel Loaders, Excavators, and other equipment 

KNOWHOW tipper truck has advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction and are used for fast cycle times, increased productivity and reliable performance. These electric dump trucks are built with safety and cleanliness in mind. We manufacture a wide range of hydraulic truck dumpers and tippers from 40 to 75 feet in length and 35 to 62 degrees of tilt. payload 60-70ton

Our truck dumpers and tippers are designed to quickly unload bulk materials such as biomass, coal, wood chips, bark or any other flowable material.

Our models are mounted on concrete foundations for simple, low-cost installation. Unlike other manufacturers, our large assemblies mean there is no need for expensive, dangerous and time-consuming on-site welding.

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck Working Video

KNOWHOW Tipper Truck Customer Feedback

Q: What is your experience of KNOWHOW tipper trucks in actual use?

A: A pure electric tipper truck has obvious advantages compared with a traditional fuel tipper truck, especially when the heavy load downhill using current feedback can achieve braking, for tyre braking, life has been significantly extended, so that for us to drive the safety of a further guarantee.

Q: Compared with fuel tipper trucks, what advantages do you think the pure electric tipper trucks have in terms of product quality and performance?

A: Pure electric tipper trucks can reduce the driver's labor intensity in terms of driving comfort, and they can achieve infinitely variable speed and manual speed change. From the point of view of post maintenance and use of maintenance, saving manpower and financial resources, Noho pure electric tipper trucks and traditional fuel tipper trucks are not the same, the engine maintenance of this part of the cost can be completely eliminated. From the economic point of view, compared with fuel dump trucks, fuel trucks use 30 yuan of fuel money but electric trucks only need about 5 yuan. From the operation point of view, this electric dump truck is very flexible to operate, with automatic upshift and downshift, especially the brake safety is guaranteed. From all angles, this pure electric wide-body car is more suitable.


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