comprehensive review of tipper trucks

Why is it called a tipper truck?

Tipper trucks are called dump trucks or dumpers or tipper or tipper lorry. Dump trucks loose materials such as gravel, chippings sand, rocks, etc. Tipper trucks have a loading area at the back that is hinged at the back of the truck and pistons at the front place or deposit the materials at the point of delivery, e.g. as an open-pit mining site, etc.

Both dump trucks and tipper trucks are versatile in the wide range of materials they can carry, such as aggregates, soil, sand, gravel, rocks, construction debris, and other loose or bulk materials. Dump trucks are particularly useful for hauling heavy loads of materials such as mining ore, coal, or large quantities of earth for major construction projects – while tipper trucks are well-suited for smaller loads, including landscaping materials, construction waste disposal, or delivering construction supplies to confined spaces.

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comprehensive review of tipper trucks

What are the specifications of a tipper truck?

If you are a dump truck driver/dealer/mine owner etc. you know that there are many different dump trucks available to suit different needs. Whether you are buying a new or used tipper truck, choosing the right tipper truck specs for your own job role is crucial.

1. Total maximum weight when fully loaded

When working on a job, it's important to know the maximum weight a truck can transport, but it's even more important to know its total weight. State laws regarding allowable dump truck weights can vary widely, as can regulations regarding related issues such as the use of lift axles. It's crucial to know your maximum weight and the laws of nearby states to ensure you can operate it wherever you need to go.

2. Chassis impact capability

An often overlooked aspect of dump truck specs is the maximum impact force the chassis can withstand without damage. This is not the same as max weight! The sand poured into the bed may be heavy, but it puts very little pressure on the frame. On the other hand, if you're hauling large, heavy-duty demolition debris, each piece that falls into the bed will be hit with tremendous force. We've seen dump trucks buckle because their operators didn't take this into consideration.

3. Horsepower

A common misconception is that the correct power for a dump truck is "as much as possible". This is not the case, it will only increase your fuel costs and increase your unladen weight. This is another case where understanding the jobs you might be doing and choosing an engine that matches those jobs will be a better long-term investment.

ItemNKE105D5 Tipper TruckNKE105D4 Tipper TruckNKE90C Tipper TruckNKE90H Tipper Truck
Product Specs564 kW charging/replacing Mode422 kW charging/replacing Mode350 kw charging / replacing Mode422 kw charging / replacing Mode
Best Working conditionUphillDownhillDownhillDownhill
Rated Power( kW )2×225/2×3002×225/2×3002×225/2×3002×225/2×300
Rated TorqueRated Torque(N.m)2×460/2×7002×460/2×7002×460/2×7002×460/2×700
Drive model6×46×46×46×4
Battery modelLink DataCATL / Link DataLink DataLink Data
Buggy Capacity (m3)42 ( standard loading ) 45 ( Pile loading )42 ( standard loading ) 45 ( Pile loading )33( standard loading ) 36 ( Pile loading )33( standard loading ) 36 ( Pile loading )
TyreRadial TyreRadial TyreRadial TyreRadial Tyre
Max.Speed( km/h)42424343
Min.Turning Radius( m )121211.511.5
Front Suspensionhydro-pneumatic springhydro-pneumatic springhydro-pneumatic springhydro-pneumatic spring
Rear SuspensionBalance shaft suspensionBalance shaft suspensionBalance shaft suspensionBalance shaft suspension
Dynamic performanceDynamic performanceDynamic performanceDynamic performanceDynamic performance
Gross Weight ( kg )105000KG / 105TON105000KG / 105TON90000KG / 90TON90000KG / 90TON
Tare Weight(kg)38000380003400034000
Payload(kg)70000KG / 70TON70000KG / 70TON60000KG / 60TON60000KG / 60TON
Axle Capacity Front / Mid / Rear (t)25+40+4025+40+4020+35+3520+35+35

What is the purpose of a tipper truck?

A tipper truck is engineered to bear heavy weights and transport materials. You can see why they’re perfect for construction projects

If you know anything about construction, you know that you need to be selective about the equipment you use. These decisions depend largely on the conditions at the site and exactly what you plan to transport. Dump trucks are very popular because they can handle a lot of weight, even in more challenging situations. Drivers will even be able to safely drive dump trucks and their cargo.

With a dump truck, you'll be able to maximize the utility of your asset because you'll be making fewer trips. In turn, you save time and money. Since dump trucks can transport so much cargo at once, the need for back and forth will be minimal. Hydraulic lifts make it easy to tilt so transported materials can be instantly unloaded or any unwanted material removed. You'll save valuable time, energy, and ultimately your budget.

Even if the materials are loose, such as sand, dirt, or gravel, dump trucks can transport them without loss. This is not the case with most other vehicles. Dump trucks are ideally suited to perform this task perfectly and smoothly. Therefore, when renting a dump truck, make sure it is practical and safe.

comprehensive review of tipper trucks

What is the difference between tipper truck and dump truck?

Dump trucks and tipper trucks are both designed for transporting materials, but differ in their design and their specific mechanisms. 

An articulated dump truck features a hydraulic system that lifts the truck bed to discharge materials in a backward direction, allowing for efficient unloading in designated areas. On the other hand, a tip truck utilises a hydraulic cylinder to tilt the entire truck bed, effectively emptying the load from one side. This makes tipper trucks suitable for unloading in areas where a backward dump may not be feasible, such as alongside walls or in tight spaces.

In terms of capacity, dump trucks and tipper trucks can vary, but dump trucks typically offer larger load capacities compared to tipper trucks, with sizes that can range from small 1 tonne capacity trucks to a massive mining dump truck option that is capable of carrying up to hundreds of tonnes. 

Tipper trucks, while also available in various sizes, generally have smaller load capacities since they are commonly used for smaller-scale projects that require frequent, localised material transport.

comprehensive review of tipper trucks

How to choose 

Additional factors that should always be kept in mind when selecting between a standard dump truck and a tipper truck include cost, project scale, accessibility, and transportation requirements. Dump trucks tend to be more expensive to purchase or rent (particularly the larger models), which is why tipper trucks typically offer a more cost-effective solution for smaller projects. Remember to assess the specific conditions of your site, its space limitations, and the unloading area's accessibility to determine which truck's mechanism will be more suitable for your specific needs.

Which tipper truck is the best?

The act of mining itself generally refers to the extraction of precious metals and minerals from the ground. To achieve all of this, mining operations require a range of different mining machinery and equipment, and it is important for mine owners to have efficient mining machinery and equipment that can directly help increase production and operations. Know-How designs a variety of machine types and models for the mining industry, including Dump Trucks, Electric Wheel Loaders, Excavators, and other equipments 

Founded in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province in 1998, KNOW-HOW Group is a leading manufacturer and service provider of mining equipment in China. It consists of well-known enterprises such as KNOW-HOW Technology, KNOW-HOW Electromechanical and KNOW-HOW Construction. There are three R&D centers respectively built in Tianjin, Shenyang and Changzhou. More than 85% of its employees have a college degree or above, and more than 65% get professional qualification certificates.

KNOWHOW is your first choice of your tipper truck business!

comprehensive review of tipper trucks

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