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NKE90C 350kwh Electric Dump Truck

90 tons grade 350kwh electric dump truck with CATL LFP (Lithium iron phosphating) battery, charging mode, full hydraulic steering, rated loading 60 tons, dual motor mining electric dump truck. zero emission. Zero oil changes. Zero fuel cost

Welcome to choose KNOWHOW, specializing in providing efficient and cost-optimized mining dump truck solutions. We are among the industry leaders with excellent work efficiency, comprehensive after-sales service and strict production processes

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Product Parameters

Electric mining dump truck are engineered for performance, engineered for comfort, and are built to last

EV dump trucks with our state-of-the-art electric powertrains will become your zero-emission, reliable partner for bulk materials!

We understand that our customers are concerned about the cost, through the fine costing, to provide you with competitively priced electric dump trucks, so that you can receive a return on your investment faster!

Provide Driver training services and diversified products to customers. Contact us today

Features of 90 Tons Grade 350kwh Electric Dump Truck

Provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional diesel-powered dump trucks

Environmental Friendly: Zero Emission, Zero Pollution low-consumption, more energy saving

suitable for mining: Smart electric dump trucks designed for off-highway mining applications

excellent driving experience: Our fleet of electric dump trucks offers a quiet, smooth and familiar ride. Whether you are converting your fleet from gasoline to electric or already have an electric fleet, electric trucks provide your drivers with an excellent driving experience.

Provide practical, reliable service while delivering zero emissions on the road.

Energy saving: intelligent power output and energy feedback, energy saving 20% L/T

High efficiency: Heavy-duty trucks with the highest payload in the 6×4 class.

Quality batteries storage: The batteries have the best range, efficiency and life on the market, enabling fast-charging batteries.

The batteries store and release large amounts of energy, allowing these fleet vehicles to handle the tough tasks of hauling and dumping materials.

Safe and Trusted: Self-developed technology, multiple interlock safe driving

Stable and reliable: Enhanced framework overload capacity improved by 20%. Average-stop working time improves by 50% than competing products

Powerful and Efficient: Integrated designed electric system1 hour to charge, and 5 mins to replace

Our mining dump trucks are known for their superior work efficiency, ensuring that your work is more efficient and smoother through advanced technology and a reliable and robust design

Customized vehicles: All-electric range varies based on route or driving cycle, environmental conditions, vehicle or equipment configuration, and driver behavior


Vehicle Spec. (Unit)NKE90C
Battery ModeLFP (Lithium iron phosphating) Battery Charging
Vehicle Weight (kg)34000
Loading Weight (kg)56000
Max.Total Weight (kg)90000
Wheel Base (mm)3850+1500
Wheel Track (Front/Rear) (mm)2790/2605
Boundary Dimension (mm)9050×3600×4100
Lifting Height (Degree)48
Hopper Capacity (Rated/Heap) (m3)33/38
Turning Radius (mm)<12000
Tyre Type (m)14.00R25 (Tread Pattern Optional)
Min. Ground Clearance (mm)380
Rear Axle Ratio14.298
Axle Quantity3
Driving Type6*4
Rated Power/Peak Power (Kw)450/600
Transmission Gear7 Gear
Max. Gradeability (%)≥35
Max. Speed (Km/h)≥42
Front SuspensionPlate Spring+Push Rod
Rear SuspensionTrunnion Shaft+Plate Spring+Push Rod
Driving Battery Capacity (Kwh)350
Axle Loading Front/Middle/Rear (t)20+35+35
Motor power350KWH


KNOWHOW is more than just a sale, it is your partner for the long term. We offer a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that your equipment is always in top condition throughout its use.

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Features of 90 Tons Grade 350kwh Electric Dump Truck

Technical Parameter of 90 Tons Grade 350kwh Electric Dump Truck

Our purchasing process is carefully designed to safeguard the quality of raw materials and ensure that each part meets high standards, providing you with reliable mining dump trucks.

Technical Parameter of 90 Tons Grade 350kwh Electric Dump Truck

Advantage of 350kwh Electric Dump Truck - 

Smooth, Quick, and Quiet

KNOW-HOW 350kwh Electric Dump Truck is a full-electric mining vehicle aims to create FOUR core advantages of being safe, reliable, efficient and economical.

reliable 350kwh Electric Dump Truck

● Being Safe

The electronic control technology of KNOW-HOW has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

We use EV system with triple protections (protections against water, fire and electronic shock). We adopt design of high standard ("3S Safety Technology Requirements for New Energy Bus") to make it safer. 

With diamond-enclosed-ring structure, the cab can be of high safety.

350kwh Electric Dump Truck

Frame: We use box-shaped welded rigid frame for strong impact resistance and longer use of the chassis and auto parts.

Leaf spring suspension: The overall matching strngth is high and the single piece of leaf spring is thick and strong, which can lower the failure rate and maintenance costs.

Hydro pneumatic suspension: It has great buffering and damping ability which is suitable for the complex road conditions in the mining area with low maintenance cost and high usage rate.

Drive moto: It uses anti-condensation structure of KNOW-HOW to ensure the long-term reliable operation of vehicles in bad weather. It can reduce the maintenance, improve reliability and save use costs.

Integrated moto controller: With high level of integration and a few high-voltage connection points, it has redundant power supply to ensure the reliability.

EV system protection: The level of EV system protection is IP68+IP6K9K. It functions well after jetting by the hydraulic giant of high temperature and high pressure, which has achieved the top level around the world.

350kwh EV Dump Truck

350kwh Electric Dump Truck

● Being Efficient

The vehicle has a large volume so that a single transportation is highly-efficient, which gurantees greater benefits. The warranty period of the vehicle's core components is long and the EV system is stable. So the vehicle can be used frequently.

350kwh Electric Dump Truck

● Being Economical

The vehicle has a large volume so that a single transportation is highly-efficient, which gurantees greater benefits. The warranty period of the vehicle’s core components is long and the EV system is stable. So the vehicle can be used frequently.

Steering: The steering system (ball stud) uses the biggest taper pin or cotter pin in the industry. It's reliable and has long service life.

Cab: The cab can be turned over which is convenient for maintenance.

Radiator: The cab can be turned over which is convenient for maintenance.The radiator area is large and it has strong climate adaptability. The radiator is detachable for low maintenance cost.

NKE90C 350kwh electric dump truck

The maximum efficiency of the high-efficient motor system (motor and motor controller) is equal to or greater than 96%, which plays a leading role in the industry.

It uses the improved regenerative braking energy recovery design. When the vehicle is coasting or braking, the drive moto works as the generator to generate electric for battery charging, which achieves the braking energy recovery.  

KNOWHOW Electric Dump Truck

KNOWHOW offers a full range of services with a customer-first approach. We are committed to providing you with timely and professional support and service wherever you are!

Know-How is a professional electric dump truck manufacturer and supplier, offering various specifications of electric dump trucks to meet different project requirement. If you're looking for electric dump truck, feel free to contact us for free quotation.

What is an electric dump truck?

An electric dump truck is a heavy-duty vehicle used for transporting and dumping large quantities of materials, such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste. Unlike traditional dump trucks powered by diesel engines, electric dump trucks use electric motors and batteries

Zero Emissions: Electric dump trucks produce no exhaust emissions, significantly reducing their environmental impact and making them suitable for use in areas with strict environmental regulations.

Noise Reduction: These trucks operate much more quietly than diesel-powered trucks, which is beneficial for urban environments and noise-sensitive projects 

electric dumper truck

An electric dumper truck is a type of heavy-duty vehicle designed for the transportation and unloading of materials such as soil, sand, gravel, and construction debris. Unlike traditional dumper trucks that rely on internal combustion engines, electric dumper trucks use electric motors and batteries for propulsion. 

Electric Motors: These trucks are powered by electric motors, which provide propulsion and drive the hydraulic systems used for dumping the truck bed.

Batteries: They use rechargeable batteries, typically lithium-ion, to store and supply electric power. These batteries are designed to offer long operational periods between charges

electric haul truck

An electric haul truck is a large, heavy-duty vehicle designed primarily for transporting large quantities of material over long distances in mining and construction operations. These trucks are powered by electric motors instead of traditional internal combustion engines, providing numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, environmental impact, and operational costs.

Enhanced Safety Features: Electric haul trucks are equipped with advanced safety systems, including stability control, automatic braking, and high visibility cabs. These features help ensure safe operation even in challenging conditions.

Operator Comfort: The cabins of electric haul trucks are designed with ergonomics in mind, offering features such as adjustable seating, climate control, and low vibration levels to reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.

What is the electric dump truck used for?

electric dump trucks are versatile and essential tools in construction, mining, landscaping, waste management, and infrastructure projects, offering significant environmental and operational advantages.

electric mining trucks

Ore and Overburden Transport: In mining, electric dump trucks are used to move extracted ore, waste rock, and overburden. Their high payload capacity and durability make them ideal for the demanding conditions of mining sites.

Sustainable Mining: The use of electric dump trucks in mining reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to more sustainable mining practices, which is increasingly important in the industry

commercial electric dump truck

Debris Removal: Electric dump trucks are employed in the collection and transport of construction and demolition debris. Their ability to handle large volumes of waste efficiently is crucial for effective waste management

Recycling Operations: They are also used in recycling facilities to transport recyclable materials, supporting the overall recycling process with minimal environmental impact

electric construction truck

Material Transport: Electric dump trucks are used to transport materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, and debris to and from construction sites. Their ability to carry heavy loads efficiently makes them essential for large-scale construction projects

Urban Construction: Their low emissions and reduced noise levels make them particularly suitable for urban construction projects where environmental and noise regulations are stringent

choose all electric dump truck or diesel electric dump truck

When choosing between an all-electric dump truck and a diesel-electric dump truck, it’s essential to consider various factors such as environmental impact, operational efficiency, cost, and suitability for specific applications. Here's a detailed comparison to help inform your decision:

All-Electric Dump Trucks


Zero Emissions: All-electric dump trucks produce no exhaust emissions, significantly reducing their environmental footprint and making them suitable for areas with stringent emissions regulations

Noise Reduction: These trucks operate more quietly than diesel-electric trucks, reducing noise pollution and improving the working environment, especially in urban areas

Operational Efficiency: Electric motors provide high torque and efficient power delivery, which can lead to improved performance in specific tasks

Lower Maintenance Costs: Electric trucks generally have fewer moving parts than diesel engines, resulting in lower maintenance and operational costs over time 


Limited Range: The range of all-electric dump trucks is dependent on battery capacity, which may require frequent recharging, particularly for long-haul operations 

Infrastructure Requirements: Adequate charging infrastructure is necessary to support all-electric trucks, which can be a significant investment

Initial Cost: The upfront cost of all-electric dump trucks can be higher than that of diesel-electric or traditional diesel trucks

Diesel-Electric Dump Trucks


Extended Range: Diesel-electric dump trucks have a longer operational range compared to all-electric trucks, as they combine the benefits of diesel engines and electric motors

Flexibility: These trucks can operate in areas where charging infrastructure is not available, making them suitable for remote or large-scale mining and construction projects

Improved Efficiency: Diesel-electric systems can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions compared to traditional diesel engines, though not as much as all-electric systems


Emissions: While more efficient than traditional diesel trucks, diesel-electric trucks still produce emissions and may not meet the most stringent environmental standards 

Maintenance Complexity: Diesel-electric systems are more complex than all-electric systems, which can lead to higher maintenance requirements and costs

Noise: Diesel-electric trucks are typically noisier than all-electric trucks, which can be a disadvantage in noise-sensitive environments


Choose All-Electric Dump Trucks If:

You are operating in urban areas with strict emissions and noise regulations.

Environmental sustainability is a top priority.

You have access to adequate charging infrastructure and can manage the range limitations.

Choose Diesel-Electric Dump Trucks If:

You need extended operational range and flexibility.

Your operations are in remote areas with limited charging infrastructure.

You are looking for a balance between improved efficiency and lower emissions compared to traditional diesel trucks.

How does electric dump truck drive?

electric dump trucks drive using electric motors powered by high-capacity batteries, with advanced control systems optimizing performance and efficiency. Their environmentally friendly operation, combined with high efficiency and advanced technology, makes them a viable alternative to traditional diesel-powered dump trucks in various industrial applications.

Basic parts of electric dump truck

electric drive rear dump truck 

The "rear dump" designation refers to the positioning of the dump body, which is located at the rear of the truck. This design allows for efficient loading and unloading of materials, as the dump body can be raised and tilted to deposit its contents at the desired location.

electric drive rear dump trucks are becoming increasingly popular in industries such as construction, mining, and waste management, where efficiency, performance, and environmental considerations are paramount.

electric dump truck motorized wheel parts  

In an electric dump truck, the motorized wheel parts consist of electric motors that are directly connected to the wheels to provide propulsion. These electric motors replace the traditional diesel engines found in conventional dump trucks.

the motorized wheel parts of an electric dump truck play a crucial role in its operation, providing the necessary power to move the vehicle and perform dumping operations efficiently and effectively. 

electric hydraulic pump for dump truck   

 An electric hydraulic pump for a dump truck is a component that generates hydraulic pressure using electric power to operate the hydraulic systems responsible for lifting and lowering the dump body of the truck.

In a dump truck, the hydraulic system is crucial for raising and tilting the dump body to unload materials at the desired location. The electric hydraulic pump is responsible for supplying pressurized hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinders, which then extend or retract to raise or lower the dump body.

the electric hydraulic pump plays a crucial role in the operation of a dump truck, ensuring smooth and efficient lifting and dumping of materials while minimizing energy consumption and noise levels.

electric tarp system for dump truck    

An electric tarp system for a dump truck is a mechanism used to cover and uncover the load in the dump body of the truck using electric power. It consists of a motorized system that operates a tarp or cover to protect the materials being transported from the elements during transit.

Where to buy electric dump trucks in India?

Thank you for your inquiry about electric dump trucks in India! At KNOWHOW, we're proud to offer cutting-edge electric vehicles, including our range of electric dump trucks, designed to revolutionize the construction and mining industries while promoting sustainability. Our electric dump trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced performance, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. With zero emissions and reduced operating costs compared to traditional diesel trucks, they're not just a smart investment for your business but also for the planet. What sets KNOWHOW apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize quality, reliability, and innovation in all our products, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions tailored to their needs.If you're interested in learning more about our electric dump trucks and how they can benefit your operations, please feel free to reach out to us directly. Our team of experts is here to provide you with all the information you need and assist you in making the best decision for your business.


Choose fully electric or hybrid dump truck?

 the choice between fully electric and hybrid dump trucks should be based on specific operational needs, environmental goals, infrastructure availability, and cost considerations. Each option offers distinct advantages and challenges that must be weighed carefully to make the best decision for your particular application

Is electric dump truck practical?    

Yes, electric dump trucks are practical for many applications, particularly where environmental concerns, noise reduction, and lower operational costs are prioritized. However, their practicality can be limited by range, charging infrastructure, and initial costs. As technology advances and charging infrastructure expands, the practicality of electric dump trucks is expected to improve further, making them a more viable option for a wider range of applications.

How much does electric dump truck cost   

The cost of electric dump trucks varies significantly depending on the model, specifications, and manufacturer. On average, these trucks can range from approximately $300,000 to over $600,000. Factors influencing the price include battery capacity, range, load capacity, and additional features such as regenerative braking systems and advanced safety technologies.

Does a dump truck use electrical energy    

Dump trucks can use electrical energy, especially if they are designed as fully electric or hybrid models, leveraging advanced battery technology and electric propulsion systems to reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

How about electric dump truck price    

Electric dump trucks are a significant investment, with prices typically ranging from $300,000 to over $600,000. While the initial cost is higher than diesel alternatives, long-term savings and environmental benefits make them an attractive option for many applications. For the most accurate pricing, it's recommended to contact KNOWHOW directly.

How does battery powered mining trucks    

Battery-powered mining trucks are a practical and increasingly popular solution for modern mining operations, offering significant environmental benefits, improved operational efficiency, and better working conditions. Their practicality depends on factors such as battery range, charging infrastructure, and initial costs, but advancements in technology and growing demand for sustainable mining solutions continue to drive their adoption.

How do electric dump trucks work

Electric dump trucks operate using an electric powertrain instead of traditional diesel engines. electric dump trucks offer several advantages over their diesel counterparts, including lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and quieter operation.

Electric Motors: Electric dump trucks are equipped with one or more electric motors that drive the wheels. These motors are powered by electricity stored in batteries or supplied by an onboard generator.

Battery or Power Source: The electric power needed to operate the motors is stored in large batteries located within the truck. In some cases, the truck may also have an onboard generator that charges the batteries while the truck is in operation.

Electric Control System: An electric control system manages the flow of electricity from the batteries or generator to the electric motors. It regulates the speed and torque of the motors based on input from the driver and various sensors.

Hydraulic Systems: Electric dump trucks often utilize hydraulic systems for functions such as raising and lowering the dump body, controlling steering, and operating other accessories. These hydraulic systems may be powered by an electric hydraulic pump.

Dump Body Operation: When the driver activates the controls, the electric motors provide the necessary power to raise or lower the dump body of the truck. This allows materials to be loaded, transported, and unloaded at the desired location.

Regenerative Braking: KNOWHOW electric dump trucks utilize regenerative braking, which captures energy during braking and converts it back into electricity to recharge the batteries. This improves energy efficiency and extends the driving range of the truck.

How do electric dump trucks charge?

Electric dump trucks charge using electricity from external charging stations or through onboard generators.

External Charging Stations: Electric dump trucks can be plugged into external charging stations, similar to how electric cars are charged. These charging stations provide electricity to replenish the energy stored in the truck's batteries. The charging process typically involves connecting the charging cable from the station to the truck's charging port. Depending on the charging infrastructure and the capacity of the truck's batteries, charging times can vary, ranging from a few hours for standard charging to significantly less time for fast charging options.

Onboard Generators: Some electric dump trucks are equipped with onboard generators, often powered by alternative fuel sources such as natural gas or diesel. These generators serve as a backup power source or can be used to recharge the truck's batteries while it is in operation. The generators may kick in automatically when the battery charge drops to a certain level, ensuring continuous operation of the truck without the need for frequent stops to recharge.

What are the well-known electric dump truck manufacturers?

KNOWHOW: KNOWHOW is a China notable brand in the electric dump truck market. KNOWHOW specializes in producing electric vehicles, including electric dump trucks, and is committed to offering innovative and sustainable solutions for various industries. Their electric dump trucks are designed to meet the needs of modern construction and mining operations while reducing environmental impact and operating costs.

Volvo Group: Volvo has been actively involved in the development of electric heavy-duty trucks, including dump trucks. Their Volvo Trucks division has showcased electric prototypes and is working on bringing electric vehicles to market.

CAT (Caterpillar): Caterpillar, a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, has been exploring electric powertrains for its machinery, including dump trucks. They have unveiled concepts and prototypes of electric dump trucks as part of their commitment to sustainability.

Komatsu: Komatsu is another major player in the construction and mining equipment industry. They have been investing in electric and autonomous technologies, including electric dump trucks, to offer more sustainable solutions to their customers.

BelAZ: BelAZ, a Belarusian manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles, has introduced electric dump trucks as part of their lineup. They are known for producing some of the largest dump trucks in the world, and their electric models aim to reduce environmental impact and operating costs.

XCMG: XCMG is a Chinese manufacturer that produces a wide range of construction machinery, including dump trucks. They have also ventured into electric vehicles and are developing electric dump trucks to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the construction industry.

Electric tippers are revolutionizing fleet management. KNOWHOW's fleet of electric dump trucks offers a sustainable, cost effective and high performance alternative to traditional fleets. Switching from natural gas to electricity can bring long-term benefits to your business and the environment.

Don't wait to make the switch to electric tippers. If you have any further questions about these vehicles, please contact our expert dump truck specialists. We are here to help you make informed decisions and optimise your fleet for the future. Together we can drive change and embrace the future of electric fleets.

350kwh Electric Dump Truck

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