Electric Wheel Loader

Choosing electricity over diesel for safer working conditions through zero emissions and lower operating costs

Know-How offers electric wheel loaders series with 316kwh and 350kwh for mining. With superpower and long durability, our electric wheel loader will meet your needs. payloads 5ton-7ton/ shovel Capacity: 2.2-5.0m³



Achieves zero emissions and uses no fuel

Extremely low noise emissions allow operators to enjoy a quiet, ergonomically designed cab even in the harshest mine environments, and to access all service points easily and safely.

Purely electric, battery-powered wheel loaders

Easier maintenance. Batteries and electric motors are virtually maintenance-free, which means electric mini loaders are significantly cheaper to maintain.

The most important factors affecting operating time are battery capacity and current consumption during operation

Running costs are significantly lower than any diesel-powered loader. Electricity is approximately 75 per cent cheaper than diesel.

There are also fewer checkpoints and no need for regular engine oil, coolant or engine filter changes.

The difference in service costs is obvious, as regular service on electric loaders is about 50 per cent less expensive.

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries include higher discharge and charge currents, longer duty cycles, and lower weight.

Reduced on-site and overall air pollution makes it easier to meet environmental standards while increasing your standing in the community.

All loaders are engineered for safety, productivity and reliability in the toughest applications


Lifting capacity: 5ton - 6.5ton

Battery capacity: 282/316/350 kWh

Battery drive: 100% electric

Charging Time: 1h

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