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Know-How offers electric wheel loaders series with 316kwh and 350kwh for mining. With superpower and long durability, our electric wheel loader will meet your needs. payloads 5ton-7ton/ shovel Capacity: 2.2-5.0m³

Welcome to KNOWHOW, specializing in providing efficient and cost-optimized mining wheel loader solutions. We are among the industry leaders with excellent work efficiency, comprehensive after-sales service and strict production processes

Features and Advantages of Electric Wheel Loader

Environmental Benefits:

Achieves zero emissions and uses no fuel.

Reduced on-site and overall air pollution.

Makes it easier to meet environmental standards and enhances community standing.

Operational Advantages:

Extremely low noise emissions for a quiet operator experience.

Ergonomically designed cab for comfort in harsh mine environments.

Easy and safe access to all service points.

Engineered for safety, productivity, and reliability in tough applications.

Maintenance Savings:

Virtually maintenance-free batteries and electric motors.

Significantly cheaper to maintain compared to diesel-powered loaders.

50% less expensive regular service costs.

Cost Efficiency:

Lower running costs compared to diesel-powered loaders.

Electricity approximately 75% cheaper than diesel.

Fewer checkpoints and no need for regular engine maintenance (oil, coolant, filters).

Performance Enhancements:

Lithium-ion batteries offer higher discharge and charge currents.

Longer duty cycles for extended operational time.

Lower weight for improved maneuverability.

By presenting the information in this categorized format, users can easily grasp the key features and benefits of the Electric Loader, facilitating better understanding and decision-making.

Tailored Solutions and Comprehensive Support for Electric Wheel Loaders

Tailored Pre-sale Service for Electric Wheel Loaders:

Based on your mine's terrain, altitude, and slope, we match the perfect electric wheel loader model to your needs.

Ensuring optimal performance and efficiency by selecting the most suitable electric wheel loader for your specific conditions.

Comprehensive After-sales Support for Electric Wheel Loaders:

Extensive spare parts assistance, including complimentary provision of wear parts for electric wheel loaders.

Free training sessions and expert guidance tailored to electric wheel loader operation and maintenance.

Remote diagnostic capabilities for swift issue resolution, ensuring uninterrupted operation of electric wheel loaders.

Ongoing spare parts support to keep your electric wheel loaders operating at peak performance.

Value-added Services for Electric Wheel Loaders:

Continuous technological upgrades to enhance the performance and efficiency of electric wheel loaders.

Upgrades for the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) of electric wheel loaders, enabling improved functionality and control.

Customer Satisfaction Assurance for Electric Wheel Loaders:

Guaranteeing overall customer satisfaction through a comprehensive range of services dedicated to electric wheel loaders.

VIP customers benefit from on-site support and access to reserved spare parts inventory for electric wheel loaders.

Our commitment is to provide unmatched support to ensure the satisfaction and success of electric wheel loader operators.

Parameter of Electric Wheel Loader Know-How Provides

Lifting capacity: 5ton - 6.5ton

Battery capacity: 282/316/350 kWh

Battery drive: 100% electric

Charging Time: 1h

Shovel Capacity: 2.2-5.0m³

Know-How offers more than just Electric Wheel Loaders; our lineup includes Dump Trucks, Excavators, and more. Choosing Know-how means choosing versatility, reliability, and innovation for all your heavy equipment needs! Contact us right now!


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