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Mining Dump Truck in Kazakhstan

Release time: February 18, 2024

Mining dump trucks in Kazakhstan

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Mining Dump Truck in Kazakhstan

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Mining Dump Truck in Kazakhstan

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Mining Dump Truck in Kazakhstan

FAQ of dump truck

The basics of dump trucks; their uses, types, sizes, applications and some common attachments - as well as advantages and limitations.


A dump truck is a heavy-duty vehicle used to transport and unload loose materials such as sand, gravel, dirt or debris.

The truck's dump body can be raised and tilted to dump materials onto the ground, into designated areas or other vehicles, reducing the need for manual labor and speeding up the unloading process.

What are main components of a dump truck?

The main components of a dump truck include:

Chassis: The chassis is the truck frame that supports the engine, cab, and dump body. It is typically made of steel and is designed to withstand the heavy loads and rough terrain associated with dump truck operations.

Engine: The engine is the power source of the dump truck, providing the energy needed to move the truck and operate the hydraulic system that raises and lowers the dump body. Dump trucks are typically powered by diesel engines, which are known for their high torque and durability.

Cab: This is where the driver operates the vehicle and contains all the controls for driving and operating the dump truck body.

Dump body: The dump body is a container that holds the materials being transported. It is usually made of steel or aluminum and is designed to be raised and lowered by hydraulic cylinders. Dump truck buckets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the type of material being transported.

Hydraulic system: This system is responsible for raising and lowering the unloading body. It consists of a hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil, hydraulic cylinder and control valve. When the driver activates the hydraulic system, the pump delivers fluid to the cylinder, which extends and lifts the dump truck body.

Suspension System: The suspension system is responsible for supporting the weight of the truck and its load and providing a comfortable ride to the driver. It usually consists of springs, shock absorbers and other components that absorb shock and vibration.

Tires: Dump trucks require heavy-duty tires that can withstand their weight and load, as well as the rough terrain associated with dump truck operations. Tires provide traction and stability.

Dump trucks are relatively simple. The dump body and hydraulic system are the most critical components of a truck as they enable it to effectively perform its primary function of transporting and dumping loose materials.

What a dump truck is used for

Dump trucks are primarily used to transport and unload loose materials such as dirt, gravel, sand and rocks. They are common in construction, mining and landscaping applications as well as municipal and residential waste removal. The primary function of a dump truck is to transport and dump materials quickly and efficiently, making it a valuable asset to many businesses and industries.

Dump truck types, sizes, and applications

Dump trucks come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small ones for residential construction projects to large, heavy-duty trucks used in mining and other industrial applications. Each is designed for specific applications and industries.

Standard dump truck: The most common type of dump truck with a single chassis and a hydraulic dump body mounted at the rear.

Articulated dump truck: It consists of a tractor unit and a dump body, connected by a hinge mechanism. The cab is mounted at the hinge point directly behind the cab.

Transfer dump truck: Also known as a "slinger" truck, a transfer dump truck has a separate trailer attached to the chassis. The trailer has a movable conveyor belt that delivers materials to the rear of the dump truck body, allowing precise placement of materials.

Side: The dump truck bucket tilts to one side, allowing materials to slide out. These trucks are typically used for highway maintenance and dumping materials into ditches or pits.

Semi-trailer end dump truck: There is a hydraulic dump body connected to the semi-trailer, which is hooked to the tractor unit. The trailer tilts back to dump the material.

Bottom dump truck: Also known as a "belly dump truck," it has a clamshell dump body that opens at the bottom, allowing materials to be discharged to the ground in a controlled manner.

Off-road dump trucks: Designed for use in rough terrain and off-road conditions, equipped with large tires and heavy-duty suspension systems. They are often used in mining.


Dump trucks are widely used in construction, mining and other industries to transport materials, debris and other loads. Here are some advantages:

Large transport capacity: Even the smallest models have significant transport capacity compared to other types of vehicles.

Versatility: Can be used in a variety of applications across many industries, including construction, mining and landscaping.

Efficient unloading: The dump truck body can be tilted to empty the load, and the unloading speed is faster than other types of equipment.

Improved safety: Reduces the need for physical labor and minimizes the risk of injury or accident associated with other unloading methods.

Durability: Dump trucks can withstand heavy use and are designed to handle rough terrain and extreme weather conditions.

Reduced Costs: Helps reduce associated labor, shipping and disposal costs, making it a cost-effective option for many.

Increased productivity: Reduce the time required to transport and unload materials.

What’s The Difference Between A Dump Truck And A Dumper?

A dump truck is a type of heavy-duty vehicle, which is designed to transport loose materials such as dirt, sand and aggregates such as gravel just to name a few. A typical dump truck has an open trailer box (similar to a skip) located at the back of the vehicle, in which the operator uses hydraulic pistons to either raise or lower the box. This facilitates the loading and unloading of loose materials. On the other hand, dumpers are smaller in size and more compact than dump trucks. Another difference is a typical dumper still has the open trailer box, but it is located at the front of the vehicle, instead of the back. The box is operated in a similar way to the dump truck.

Knowhow Dump Truck

Extreme conditions require the toughest equipment, and for your construction hauling applications, knowhow offers the most reliable dump trucks, from 60-ton rated load capacity dump trucks, to 90-ton dump trucks. With its outstanding driving capabilities, unique comfort, extreme safety and durability, knowhow's cost-effective dump trucks are the right dump trucks to deliver materials on time every time.


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