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Electric coal mine trucks in Brazil

Release time: December 31, 2022

Brazil is an important producer of mineral resources in the world, with its output of iron ore, bauxite, copper ore, and gold ore ranking among the top in the world. As the development of mineral resources continues to deepen, the production efficiency and environmental protection level of coal mines have become increasingly important considerations

To improve coal mine production efficiency and environmental protection, a Brazilian mining company decided to use electric dump trucks to transport Coal ore. The company chose an electric dump truck with a load capacity of 70 tons, which has the following characteristics:

Electric coal mine trucks in Brazil

High quality: The car is made of high-strength steel, which has good durability and reliability.

Fast speed: The car adopts an advanced power system and can reach a top speed of 43 kilometers per hour.

Good quality accessories: The car uses high-quality accessories, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

Long battery life: The vehicle can last up to one month on a single charge, meeting the daily transportation needs of the coal mine.

Guaranteed: The car comes with a 6-month warranty to provide protection to customers.

High stability: The car adopts an advanced control system, which can effectively improve driving stability.

The company will begin using electric dump trucks in 2023 and has been in use for more than a year. By using electric dump trucks, the company achieved the following results:

Production efficiency increased by 20%.

The environmental protection level has been improved by 30%.

Maintenance costs are reduced by 15%.

Energy saved 80%

The purchase cost is the same as that of a fuel dump truck

The adoption of electric dump trucks has brought new opportunities to the development of Brazilian coal mines. Electric dump trucks have the characteristics of high quality, high speed, high parts quality, long battery life, quality assurance, stability, etc., which can effectively improve the production efficiency and environmental protection level of mines.

Brazilian mining companies can consider using electric dump trucks to transport ore to improve production efficiency and environmental protection. 

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